Canadian ski chalet and elegant detail

Atelier Kastelic Buffey completed the design and development of a weekend retreat, Alta Chalet for a family of five. A two-story ski chalet in Blue Mountains, Canada is in the development of a private ski club. The design further integrates the chalet with its natural environment.

“Alta Chalet tells the spirit of contemporary design and elegant detail derived from the local traditional tradition of the barn,” explains the architect. “Its symbolic existence – a reductive black and white color scheme and a tight and beautiful and defined by the gable roof edge complements its spatial and economic efficiency intelligence”

As you enter, you will experience not only its minimalist interior but also its wide windows and visual warmth. Common space – living room, kitchen, dining area – occupies the top floor of the ski chalet. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding ski area. “The basement floor contains direct access to the sauna and outdoor hot tub deck, as well as more intimate features of the bed and bus,” adds the architect. “The garage has additional space to accommodate skiing and other recreational equipment and can accommodate two cars.

Sustainability was also one of the main elements of the design. In order to reduce the ecological footprint energy consumption has been reduced by high performance glazing system, floor heating radiant heating, additional insulation and firewood fireplace. Information provided by Atelier Kastelic Buffey. Photos are provided by Shai Gil.

Please look over this Canadian ski chalet.

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